The Mobile Phone has become a common feature in our daily lives.  It has become an extension of our bodies. No more a fashion statement, it has become a necessity for living however, in becoming so, it has disrupted social behaviors. Here are a couple of tips to manage your mobile phone whilst you are in public spaces.

Speak in a low tone when you are answering the phone in public:

Whenever your phone rings, if you are in a public space, please move away from people and speak in low tones. It is totally off limits to speak loudly on the phone whilst in a public space. It is disturbing and a bit unsettling to the people around.

A young woman struggling to hear on her smartphone at an outdoors festival

During meetings:

When at meetings, first rule is to put your phone on either the silent mode or the vibrate mode. Never let your phone ring in any meeting, it can be distracting to the participants especially to those presenting or giving a speech (this could be you too). Second rule; do not answer calls during your meeting, this is considered rude, instances where this rule can be overruled is in emergencies. To answer, you excuse yourself and leave the meeting place. Third rule; do not use your phone when you are at a meeting to text, surf the internet or tweet, it is bad manners. Keep your phone out of sight unless it is necessary to have it by your side.

At the Dining table:

Whether you are entertaining guests, you are the guest, or you are out at restaurant, please keep your phone out of sight. Never put your phone on the table or visible. The same rules apply when you are in a meeting. Only if an emergency is expected or occurs. Giving your guests or guest full attention is required to make them feel at home and prioritised. It is unfair to invite people over and then spend half the time they are around using your phone. It affects conversation and would be considered as anti-social behaviour.


The phone has created an addiction that has become glaring. Many have resorted to the phone as first line of interaction over human to human interaction. When at parties or public events, as much as you are bored or uninterested, don’t use the phone as a means of escape. Try and interact, make new friends, network, create opportunities for yourself and others. BE SOCIAL!

Finally, beat the addiction:

The mobile phone age has become an addiction across all age groups, we find ourselves looking at our phones more often than we ought, asides being unhealthy both physically and mentally, it can be detrimental to our social lives and so our handling of the mobile phone age should be managed appropriately.

Practice these few tips to help with your use;

  • Switch off the phone when you go to bed
  • Limit your use of screen time on your phone
  • Ensure you use the prescribed posture when looking at your phone
  • Keep it out of sight at events
  • Take phone days off

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