Welcome to the Little Things Culture Talk. Our topic for this month is- NEVER SETTLE.

What does that even mean?

Just so you know- when water is stagnant, it just takes a little while before it begins to stink.

When a human being lies down on a bed for days without movement, He or She begins to have bed sores.

The extent to which you discipline and exercise your body is the same degree of endurance you are going to have.

So in all; you can see that we as human beings were made to always keep moving, always keep excelling, to consistently take giant strides in advancement, to never stop conquering new levels irrespective of our sphere of influence or whatever height we feel we may have attained.

You were made by God to keep climbing, innovating, speaking, teaching, building… you just name it!

Ever wondered why the two eyes we have are in front and not behind?

Imagine if both legs of ours were facing back? 

But News Flash!!! Our legs are facing front

What do these tell your intelligent mind?

You need to keep moving

If you can’t fly; run!  

If you cannot run; walk!

If walking seems herculean; crawl!

If crawling is a big deal; shuffle!

Just make sure you are moving and you do not settle

Be it in your career, family or any other facet of your live

Never get to any level and think you have arrived

Destiny is actually a journey and not a destination as it where

However, no matter what you have allegedly achieved; there is always a place called “there”

In conclusion, what does it mean to “settle”? 

It simply means to come to rest or to make a home

In this dispensation we live, some people have made failure their place of rest

Others have made poverty their home

It all starts with a choice

Make up your mind to keep advancing and keep never settle

Finally, think of the popular molecules of the gas embedded in coca-cola soft drinks…

Once they settle, it does not take long before the drink starts to taste flat in the mouth and the excitement is gone

What is the end of this matter you may ask?

DO NOT SETTLE!!! Catch you on the next one!

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