A Wiseman once said that before you allow someone to make clothes for you; properly examine what He or She is putting on. If you like the way it looks then you can make an informed decision; bearing in mind that your outfit is likely to turn out like theirs.

In this era that we now are, everybody wants to offer advice to someone going through a tough circumstance, irrespective of if they have no experience in the area of concern or know nothing about it. 

Particularly with the advent of social media; some influencer wants to advise you on your marriage, your relationship, wants to tell you something unrealistic to do for money and equally wants to tell you what to do with the money, or offer you advice on pretty much every area of life.

Don’t get this wrong… there is actually nothing wrong in offering advice especially if you have proficiency in the particular area in question. But what is seen more often than not is people who do not know anything trying so hard to advice you about something they have not been through or have absolutely no idea about… What a travesty!

It is important for Me to use this analogy here that someone who has never ran a kiosk can never fathom the challenges of running a supermarket. At best, He or she is likely to give you unproven principles.

The implication of applying such a person’s counsel could be disastrous to your live or business so look before you leap.

The fact that someone has a lot to say may not mean that they know so much but it may mean that the person knows how to multiply words without wisdom, so beware of such.

Hence, what you need to do next time before taking advice, reading a book or adopting counsel is ask yourself- 

  • who is offering the advice?
  • What has he or she done in this area of live or field of study?
  • Has this person succeeded in this thing I am going through?

Think these through. Catch you on the next one

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