Paying attention to yourself

Welcome to The Little Things Culture Talk, this time, We’d look at “Paying attention to yourself”… this episode is definitely going to have sequels, so look out for them.

For this month’s episode, we’d narrow down on how you smell in public- your body and your mouth.

We won’t be delving into root causes, we’d leave that for the experts cos there are many schools of thought, as mouth and body odour can feature as a result of different reasons.

However, our focus in this piece is to talk about how to make sure these two spoilers don’t mess things up for you.

Remember, the two (2) spoilers in question are Mouth Odour and Body Odour.

I call them Spoilers because they can really mess things up for you before friends, well wishers and helpers of destiny.

Just imagine what happens when you walk into your Boss’s office that is airtight and you are smelling, especially if your body odour leaves what I call an after-effect if you understand what I mean or picture it when you are about to kiss your spouse and your mouth odour ruins what would have a been a lovely romantic moment

So, you need to pay attention to yourself and it is a two-way thing because some people do not even know that they have both or either of the two (2), whilst others know and have just refused to do anything about it, yet they keep blaming most of their misfortunes on the witches in their village.

Now what’s the way forward? 

If you have a friend or loved one who has body or mouth odour; you need to courteously inform the person because they may not be aware. 

There is nothing like “how will this person feel?” but such a person may never forgive you the day he or she finds out that you knew all along and never made mention of it

Equally, advise them on the use of body spray, roll-on or perfume for body odour and the importance of brushing often or using mint for mouth odour

I have never seen anyone who enjoys hanging around someone who has mouth or body odour

Body and mouth odour can make an individual lose favour and be ostracized, so let’s pay attention to ourselves and loved ones

Catch you on the next one!

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