Welcome to the little things culture talk.

Our topic today is “PROCESS”.

Just relax! I know the moment I said “process”, someone felt like tuning off (laughs). Trust Me, you are going to love this one.

You see… Process is the element that makes things get into their proper state. Process is that ingredient that makes potential energy become kinetic and ready for use. Process is that factor that makes one fit into a size of shoe that has been prepared or reserved for He or She.

Don’t even wander too far. A mango fruit is sweet when it is properly ripe, but what happens when you try to eat the mango when it is not yet ripe? It tastes sour.

You’d agree with Me that even if you have the best ingredients to make a chocolate cake; when you are done with the mixing of the flour and other ingredients, you must put it in the oven and wait for a period of time before it is ready for consumption. Now, expert bakers know that even if you as much as open the oven before the time when the cake is to be ready, you can mess the whole process up. So, while you have big dreams but you are feeling inadequate because you are yet to see any “ray of hope”, go through your process with joy and do everything possible to enjoy it.

It is not palatable. We all want to appear at the top but you must realize that the sufferings you are going through now are lessons for the top where you are headed to and you need to go through them.

We live in a “microwave” generation, where we want everything “now now” and We all want to “blow” today, but a Wiseman once said that if you jump up; you’ll come down but if you grow up; you will stay there. You do not want to get to that exalted position and be a misfit for it.

So what do you need to do while going through your process?

Enjoy the process:

Go through the process with joy. Let’s say you were aiming to become a big celebrity in your field, the days of trekking and buying roasted corn by the road would be long gone once you become great because you may not be able to do that anymore. So, make jokes out of every bad situation you go through and it would help.

Trust the process:

Always believe that there is a better day ahead as you go through your formative processes. So let Me cynically say that “there is jollof rice at the end of the wedding reception with a long speech” if you are patient. That should be some consolation at least (laughs).

Don’t drown in the process:

Be sure to remain strong and optimistic throughout the process and you’d be out in no time. Picture yourself eating a 6-course meal at a classy restaurant, while presently drinking garri at the bottom of the food chain for now.

Put this to work and see you at the top.
Catch you on the next one.

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