Welcome to the little things culture talk.

Our first topic for this year 2021 is- “taking a second look”.

As we have begun a new year, there is usually a lot of adrenaline pumping and a lot of expectations to make this year a lot better than the previous one.

However, there is that tendency that in the bid to achieve something new, break new grounds; one could miss out on a lot of important details. Like the popular Nigerian saying- “wetin you dey find for Sokoto, dey for your shokoto”. That means you may be looking for something everywhere else, apart from within yourself.

This saying reminds Me of the story of a widow who worked as a Housekeeper in a luxurious hotel and got fired during downsizing. She went to a mentor of Hers crying.

Surprisingly, in what looked like Her Mentor not empathizing with Her, He asked if She still made cookies… the type She made for Him during the last Christmas.

She responded in the affirmative, though she did not know where he was headed with that question. Anyway, he gave her some money, told her to make the cookies and distribute to all the top Executives at the hotel she was just fired. Long story short, 6months later; She owns a cookie-making factory worth millions in her city.

So, as you advance this year, take a second look at those things that are seemingly normal to you… those things that are not much of a big deal to you.

You would be shocked that those things that come naturally to you are not so for others and may eventually be your passport to a better life, as opposed to every other thing you may have been chasing in life.

In light of this, the way to go is:

  • Pay closer attention to yourself and your strengths because you are not insignificant,
  • Figure-out how your peculiarity can solve a problem for others,
  • Find out how to deploy it commercially and voila!!!

Always look at life in-depth
Catch you on the next one!

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