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Our topic today is: MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!! (laughs)

You have heard that a lot in the course of your lifetime and more often than not, must have taken it as an insult, on the contrary, it should actually serve as a wakeup call when you are overstepping your bounds or becoming a person with a big nose (laughs)… I meant to say when you are becoming too nosy.

It is just a check to imply that you are not focusing on what you need to do at that particular point in time. It means your time is not needed in the area you have channeled it to and definitely; something more important to your life must be suffering because of this action of yours.

Do remember that as humans; irrespective of your age, race, creed or status- we all are only entitled to 24hours a day and that implies that if you take the pleasure of always meddling into issues that are not your concern, then there is no better way to put it than “you are wasting your live”.

These days, the social media space has done us a disservice in this regard. Let Me start by issuing a disclaimer that I am not saying you should not be “in”, or that you should not follow the trends but you must do it discretionarily.

Ask yourself… what the precious time and internet data you have expended commenting on that celebrity’s failed marriage or that very-endowed actress’s wardrobe malfunction has amounted to. You blew your time (that you did not create and cannot get back), plus data that you begged a friend to buy for you on only that, yet you are wondering why it appears like your live is not progressing.

You see, focus creates blindness. I mean when your attention is centered on something it is likely to be oblivious of another thing, hence, while you were focused on the heated word exchange or “Gbas gbos” like we call it in Nigerian parlance, between that Influencer and that ratchet celebrity, you missed that Direct Message (DM) from that vendor that needed your service.

You seem to know what is wrong with every other person but yourself. You know why that lady stole bone-straight hair from that shop, you know why there is seeming disunity between Nigerians, you know what people should do to expand their businesses but you just don’t seem to know why your income has been on the same level for the last 3years.

Like we like to allude in this part of the world more often than not; you believe it’s the witches in your village, which in this case they are not the ones in charge, but even if they were, you still haven’t figured out how to get them off your back in 3years? That’s shocking!

What you need to do from now is to pay more attention to yourself.

Your mind is actually more powerful than you thought and if you would only take the attention you are paying on irrelevant ventures and just use it as the currency to think through and solve your problems one after the other; you’d become a huge success.

So, in order to make this switch, you need to have a to-do list written in your journal daily and give each task a timeline. If it is also possible, reward yourself on the days you are able to complete all your daily tasks.

Equally, make a solemn commitment to yourself and this can be captured in your to-do not to surf anything irrelevant to your career until you are done with your career tasks daily.

Finally, appraise yourself at the end of every day before going to bed. Ask yourself what you expended time doing and think through it if you could have done better with your time.

Put these to work and you would be glad you did it. Catch you on the next one.

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