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Our topic this month is- FOCUS

A Wiseman once said focus on your focus in order to become a focus. This gives us an inkling that if you stay focused, unwavering, determined, tenacious, dogged and single about a particular issue, career or area of focus, then you would soon become a master or a guru at it.

What exactly is focus?

It is the “centre of interest or activity”.

From this definition, it would be safe to say that if you make anything your focus, you are bound to excel in it.

This reminds Me of the popular science experiment where you use a magnifying lens to focus the power of the sun on a piece of paper and then it begins to burn. You should try it outdoors today if you have never experienced it.

What an irony! The sun is shining freely on everyone, but I am yet to see anyone lit up in fire as a result of the sun’s heat, but the lens concentrated the rays and heat of the sun on a piece of paper and it was set ablaze.

In light of these, with the myriad of distractions we have at the moment and the fact that the Generations Y and Z particularly find it very hard to sit and focus on just one thing, lets look at how one can remain focus on a set goal notwithstanding.


Force-out every distraction. You are not likely to achieve much if you have a lot of distraction and cannot keep your eyes on the prize. This is most likely the reason why you have a big windshield in front of your car and a small rear-view mirror. Just imagine driving forward while looking back.


Optimize your potentials and take them to the zenith. That way, you would be operating at full capacity to get the job done.


Continuity is key haven attained stability in that chosen venture, so that one does not become a “one-hit wonder”. It is not enough to get it right once or twice. Imagine how some companies have been able to attain over 100years of trading and keep doing business seamlessly.


Uniform. You often buy a snack and when ordering for more of the same thing, you realize that the shape or taste is no longer uniform. One should strive for uniformity, especially when you already have harnessed focus to build a client-base or a fan-base. Focus brings uniformity.


Stand. The Holy Bible says that “He who thinks He stands should take heed lest He falls”. This cements the fact that after one must have attained an enviable height as a result of focus, one must do everything possible to consolidate on the results and make sure He or She does not become second place.

Focus makes your work and ventures exciting and of immeasurable value.
Stay focused! Catch you on the next one.

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