Welcome to the little things culture talk.

Our topic today is “Consistency”.

A wise man once said that “small things are small things but faithfulness in small things is a big deal”.

We are in a “microwave era” where people want everything right now… within the blink of an eye. Everyone is on a fast lane. We are all in a hurry. We all just want to appear at the peak of the pyramid overnight. Hmmnn! Interesting!

Let’s ask ourselves… What is “consistency” and why are we looking in this direction this month?

Consistency is the process of acting or doing something in the same way over time; especially so as to be fair or accurate.

The way the world is going; a chunk of the population do not want to as much as hear the word “consistency” or even anything that implies it. Forgetting that consistency is one of the major forces that makes things complete and makes an individual to climb to the height that they ought to get to in life… that is; while doing the right thing.

Picture this, if you were offered $1Million or $4 that will keep doubling itself everyday for 30days, which will you pick?

The mind in its default state will jump at the $1Million because it is a lump sum, but here is a fun fact- that $4 on doubling itself daily will become $8, 388, 608 by the 22nd day and then $2, 147, 483, 648 by the 30th day. Can you just imagine that!

With this narrative, I hope you are catching a glimpse of what we all miss out on whenever we do not want to tow the “Seeming” slow part in life and work towards our goal with “baby” consistent steps regularly.

I do not know what exactly you plan on achieving but consistency will get you there.
You may not have noticed but there is no skill on earth you cannot acquire, so long as you put your mind to it. However in acquiring it, you must be consistent to make a head way in it.

It might also interest you to know that you who is seemingly not talented in a particular area or field, with consistency can become a lot better than someone who is talented but has refused to consistently hone his or her talent.

It is widely said that consistency is the key to breakthrough, so like we say in street parlance “if you give up before you blow, wetin you gain?”

This goes a long way to corroborate a short video I saw today where a beautiful, plump-looking lady was jogging in the park and then the same lady was shown jogging through the same route a few months later. Honestly, while viewing the clip at first glance, I could not tell that it was the same woman until I looked closely. So, you and I cannot even quantify in its entirety the power of consistency… it is simply boundless.

The joy and fulfillment that comes with the end result of consistency is mind-blowing. Picture it… for whatever your goal is.

Leave a tap to keep releasing one drop of water every 4seconds and put a bucket underneath, you’d discover that the bucket would eventually get filled up. Hence, small things are not as fickle as you thought.

A world-renowned Human Capital expert said “if a person reads for 1hour only daily about a particular subject or field for 5years, that person will invariably become a professional in that field”.

With all these said and done, the big question is… How can I imbibe the culture of consistency?

  • Give yourself achievable goals
  • Break larger goals into smaller goals
  • Draw-up a schedule that breeds consistency; either hourly, daily, weekly, etc. depending on what you intend to achieve
  • Reward yourself for the achievement of those small goals- this keeps you fired-up to keep going further
  • Have an accountability partner- say your goal is to lose weight and stay healthy; you should have someone who can snatch a cup of ice cream from you if you are not supposed to take it on the said day
  • Consolidate on your results and efforts

Put these to work and you should be on your way to achieving a lot of things.
Catch you on the next one!

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