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Our topic today is: BE ANGRY!!!

Not quite what you were expecting right?

When anyone mentions the word “anger” or screams and says “I’m angry!!!” In our minds we generally associate it with violence, chaos and a lot of negative things but has it ever crossed your mind that anger can be good if properly channeled?

So, let’s begin by exploring what the meaning of anger is.


Anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.

However, anger can be a good thing. It can give you a way to express negative feelings or motivate you to find solutions to problems.

So here is the thing… instead of channeling your anger wrongly about the fact that someone you hoped will help you disappointed you, why don’t you get angry at the circumstance that you have found yourself in and use that anger to find a progressive solution out of it?

It is good for people to help one another and to be there for each other, but can you believe that nobody was created without a bright destiny ahead of them?

That may sound like a tall order and you may feel some people were created to be lucky while others are just not. Probably because of their pedigree, background and the negative circumstances they have been through.

However, a lot of people who do not seemingly have glamorous destinies have found their way out of the dark state and made greatness out of their lives. How did they do that? You may ask…

The truth is if you are not tired of your experiences and the level you are; where you are is tired of you.

In order to break out of this level, you must first of all be angry at the level you are.

What will that do for Me? You may ask…

  • It will make you never give up
  • It will make you to keep trying till you eventually get a break in your career or in that thing you are doing
  • That anger will make you knock on doors that others have been turned back from
  • It will make you dare the impossible

Being angry will make you restructure your thinking in such a way that you begin to solve problems like that rich Capitalist you have been running to for help without result.

Being angry starts with your thinking

You need to tell yourself that my life should and can be better than this and so I am going to get angry at this bad circumstance, fold my sleeves, get to work and climb my way to the top

But remember one thing… do not allow that anger push you into doing anything unscrupulous because you want to make it

Catch you on the next one! Be angry!

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